D phase multistage clean water pump

lift: 13-232.8m
flow: 12.6-1260m³/h
power: 4-1120KW

D phase multistage clean water pump segmental centrifugal pump is suitable for pumping clean water without solid particles or other liquids whose physicochemical property is similar to that of clean water. It is widely applied to supply water of low or high pressure boiler. It is also used for high pressure water supply and drainage of industrial and urban. The temperature of medium delivered should be in the range of -20°C to 150°C and the water pump inlet pressure should be less than 0.6M Pa.
Our pump products have already passed certificate of quality system ISO9001 and ISO2000. We have strict and normative controlling system about the design, manufacturing and service of our products. So we have sufficient guarantee about our product quality.

Product feature:

1. About D model Pumps, inlet and exit are both vertically upward. The inlet section, middle section, discharge section and bearing body of pump are connected into one by tightening bolt. Customer can decide the pump stage according to pump head.

2. The rotor part of pump is composed of axis, impeller, shaft sleeve and balance disk, etc. The quantity of impeller is decided by the stage quantity of pump. The components of axis are connected by flat key and spindle nuts. The whole rotor is supported by antifriction bearing or sliding bearing. Balance disc bears axial force instead of bearing. When pump is running, the rotor can move in the same axial direction. Annular ball bearing can not be used about this series of pumps. They are adopted antifriction bearing. Antifriction bearing is lubricated by grease and sliding bearing is lubricated by thin oil. In addition, they can lubricate themselves by oil ring and cool themselves by circulation water.