SLGD low speed vertical pipeline booster pump

lift: 8-150m
flow: 1.5-1200m³/h
power: 0.75-500KW

SLGD low-speed vertical pipeline pump overview:

This series pump that are suitable for environmental requirements quiet place, at the same time, we can provide hot water pump, chemical pump, explosion-proof oil pump, explosion-proof chemical pump and so on many kinds of types.

SLGD low-speed vertical pipeline pump characteristics:

1. Compact structure, small volume , beautiful appearance. Their vertical structure’ low gravity center and gravity center overlapping at the pump foot center, enhancing the stability of running and life.
2. Easy installation. Same diameter of inlet and outlet and in the same central line, making them can be installed directly at any part of the pipeline like valve. Motor can be used outdoors with rain covers. Pump with mounting base , increasing the stability of installation.
3. The pump has the advantages of smooth operation, low noise and high components . Motor adopts low noise bearing, and have non-stop refueling device; pump impeller have excellent static and dynamic balance, no vibration running, all of these improve the using environment.
4. No leakage. Shaft sealing adopts corrosion-resistant alloy mechanical seal, solving the serious leakage problem of centrifugal pump packing seal, extending service life, ensuring the operation site clean and tidy.
5. Convenient maintenance. Without removing the pipe, just remove the pump cover nut and take out the motor and rotating components for repair and maintenance.
6. According to the site condition , the pump can be vertical ,multi mode installed. Based on the flow , lift requirements , using parallel, series connection method to increase the required flow and lift.