QK Mine Submersible Pump

lift: 100~1700m
flow: 50~1100 m³/h
power: 55kw~4000kw

QK Submersible Pump Application:

QK series submersible pump is widely used to draw underground water from deep wells, or to drain water in mines, such as gold ores, silver ores, iron ores, coal mines and so on, in emergency.

QK Submersible Pump Working Conditions:

  1. Three-phase power supply; Voltage 380V (deviation no more than 5%); Frequency 50Hz (deviation no more than 1%).
  2. Motor must be filled with clean water.
  3. Water temperature should not be more than 20°C.
  4. Sand content of the water (by mass) should not be more than 0.01%.
  5. PH value of water 6.5-8.5.