QS Small Submersible Pump

lift: 5-121m
flow: 10-250 m³/h
power: 2.2-7.5kw

QS Small Submersible PumpProduct Overview:

QS series submersible pump is widely used in various kinds of water conservancy facilities such as farm irrigation, sprinkler irrigation with water, the supply and drainage system of civil building and, industrial and draining water from the hills and mountainous area, the diversion in low-lying areas, water supply and drainage in urban and rural industrial and mining enterprises etc. The motor and water pump assembly into one, with simple structure, convenient installation remove, cover a small area, easy to use and maintain, safe and reliable operation, no water polluted, etc.

QS Small Submersible PumpWorking Conditions:

The power: three-phase ac power frequency 50 Hz, voltage 380 v (allow deviation + 5%, 10%).Pumps should be safely operated, depth diving in the water not less than 0.5 meters

The water: Generally, water of no corrosion , sand content no more than 0.02%, PH 6.5 to 8.5. The temperature of the extract water is not higher than 30 ℃.

Before using, the motor lumen must be filled with the clean water, it is strictly forbidden running without water.


(1). motors and pumps assembled into one,
(2). simple structure,
(3). easy installation and removal , small area,
(4). simple using and maintenance , safe and reliable operation,
(5). no pollution to water, etc.