QSZ(H) Axial Type Submersible Pump

lift: 2-20m
flow: 250-40000m³/h
power: 5.5-1400kw

QSZ Submersible Pump Product Overview:

widely used in farmland irrigation, spray irrigation and water-use, industrial and civil buildings, mountain diversion and in low-lying areas dunes, urban and rural mining supply, drainage and other water conservancy facilities.


Cast iron and stainless steel

QSZ Submersible Pump Working Condition:

1. 380V voltage deviation is no more than ±5%,frequency is 50HZ, three -phase power deviation is no more than ±1%.

2. Motor cavity must be filled with water.

3. Water temperature should be no more than 40°C.

4. PH value of water 5.5-8.5.