WQ-JY automatic mixture sewage pump

lift: 5-180m
flow: 5-300m³/h
power: 1.1-200kw

WQ-JY automatic mixture sewage pump product overview:

WQ series automatic agitate sewage pump motor is three-phrase 380V-50Hz.The pumps can be used in city,building,factory,mine,hospital waste water system. Automatic agitate sewage pump on the basis of ordinary sewage pump adopt the automatic device, this device with the motor shaft spinning, produce strong mixing force, sewage in the pool of sediments will stir to a suspended solids, suction pump drain, improve the ability of the pump, sewage, prevent, one-time completed the drainage, rack cleaner, except to save the operation cost, sediment, is has the obvious with sex advanced and environmental protection product.

Automatic mixing sewage pump the main character:

1. When sewage pump operation, automatic stirring bottom sediments, completely prevent dirt deposit, without manual cleaning;
2. The unique impeller design, have cut the fibre content, sundry cut up and tear function; 3. Outside using circulating cooling system, make sewage pump running low water level, reduce the motor start frequency, and extend the life of motor;
4. The national standard atlas recommend products;
5. Of the Shanghai high-tech achievements products.
6, municipal engineering and construction site.
7. Exploration, mining, power plants form a complete set with machine.
8. Methane-generating pit , farm irrigation.

Automatic mixing sewage pump main use:

1. The factory, commercial serious pollution of the wastewater discharge.
2. Urban sewage treatment plant, hospital, hotel drainage system.
3. Residential sewage station.
4. Civil air-defense drainage station, water supply system of water works.
5. Municipal engineering, construction site.
6. Exploration, mining, power plants form a complete set with machine.
7. Rural methane, farm irrigation, oiliness “s” shape.

Using condition:

1.Based on the impeller center, the underwater depth that the pump was placed shall not exceed 5 m
2.Temperature of the transport medium not more than 40°C
3.Transported medium’s PH value for 4 ~ 10, and pump shall not carry high corrosive liquid
4.The transfer medium’s solid volume ratio under 20%
5.The movement viscosity of transport medium for 7×10-7~23×10-6m²/s
6.The biggest density of transfer medium for 1200 kg/m ³
7.WQ submersible pump, motor must be dived into the underwater to operate .