WQ stainless steel sewage pump

lift: 5-240m
flow: 5-300m³/h
power: 0.75-15kw

Stainless Steel Sewage Pump Product Overview:

  1. Business unit waste water discharge
  2. Urban sewage treatment plant system
  3. The MTR ,basements,air -defence systems drainage station
  4. Hospital ,hotels ,high-rise building sewage Disposal
  5. Residential sewage pumping stations
  6. Municipal engineering ,construction sites dilute the slurry discharge
  7. Water supply water plant equipment
  8. Farm drainage and irrigation in rural areas
  9. Exploration ,mining and water-treatment equipment to manage replacement

Stainless Steel Sewage Pump Feature:

The stainless steel corrosion-resistance sewage submersible water pump is coupled with the motor with the feature of simple structure, easy moving, reliable lit and multi-function
The parts contacting liquid in the pump are all made of stainless steel .therefore ,it offer the specific property of corrosion- resistance.