WQK submersible sewage cutter pump

lift: 15-405m
flow: 10-500 m³/h
power: 0.75-300kw

WQK Cutting Sewage Pump Overview:

(1). Business unit waster water discharge.
(2). Urban sewage treatment plant drainage system.
(3). The MTR, basements, air-defense systems drainage station.
(4). Hospital, hotel, high-rise buildings sewage disposal.
(5). Residential sewage pumping stations.
(6). Dilute slurry discharge in municipal engineerings and construction site.
(7). Water supply equipment in water plant .
(8). Farm sewage drainage and farm irrigation in rural areas.
(9). Exploration, mining and water-treatment equipment .
(10).Replace human labour to suck river mud.

Using conditions:

(1). Electromagnetic conveyance medium for normal serum (less than 40 ° C)
(2). PH in 4-10, conveyance medium between the solid volume in 2% once
(3). Sewage pump used for irrigation and more viscous slurry. Must be put in clear water to run by a few minutes, clean the
store again
(4). 4 KW or specification must add current and leakage protector
(5). Diving depth does not exceed 4M

Product features:

(1). Compact structure, convenient to move, use, and install.
(2). For especially adopt vortical and double flow impeller (high-lift pump adopts centrifugal impeller), this
series pump has a strong drainage capacity.
(3). The motor is sealed with hard anti-corrosive ceramic of both single and double end faces, so, its
impermeable effect is good, and it runs more safety and reliable.
(4). Adopting WQS water-filled pump of cold spacer type, it can be used to pump gronud effusion without
immersed into liquid surface for a short time.