WQS filled water sewage pump

lift: 2-40m
flow: 5-6000m³/h
power: 3-410kw

WQS Water filling type sewage pump overview:

WQS series sewage pump is non-clogging sewage pump which is ssuccessfully developed basing on introducing advanced technology from abroad. It is the most advanced sewage disposal system equipment in domestic at present and featured with obvious energy saving effect, no plugging, winding preventing, strong solids passing capability, automatic installation and automatic detection etc.

WQS Water filling type sewage pump applicable scope:

  1. Business unit waster water discharge.
  2. Urban sewage treatment plant drainage system.
  3. The MTR, basements, air-defense systems drainage station.
  4. Hospital, hotel, high-rise buildings sewage disposal.
  5. Residential sewage pumping stations.
  6. Dilute slurry discharge in municipal engineerings and construction site.
  7. Water supply equipment in water plant .
  8. Farm sewage drainage and farm irrigation in rural areas.
  9. Exploration, mining and water-treatment equipment .
  10. Replace human labour to suck river mud.

WQS Water filling type sewage pump working condition:

  1. The temperature of the medium is not more than 40°C.
  2. Medium ph value: 4-10, can not be used to pump high corrosive liquid.
  3. Medium solid volume ratio shouldbe under 20%, the medium density is 1200 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity is7×10-7~23×10-6 m2/s.
  4. Based on the impeller’s center, it should not be immersed into water for more than 5 meters .