WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Sewage Pump

lift: 15~200m
flow: 12.5~100m³/h
power: 3~63kw

WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Type Submersible Sewage Pump

Product overview:

WQX series of bottom suction sewage pumps are suitable for pumping sewage and sludge in any severe environment.
This series of pumps are bottom suction type, which can pump surface water of working place completely.
Electric motor is three-phase asynchronous motor.
It is with small floor space, convenient installation and long service life.

Service conditions:

1. Voltage 380V or 660V (allowance error: 5%), 50Hz, three-phase alternating-current supply
2.solid material volume ratio in pumped medium should be below 2%,Maximum pumped medium density is 1.2*103kg/ m3
3. PH value should be 4-12
4. Temperature should be not less than 50℃

Product feature:

1. WQ series of bottom suction submersible sewage pump is composed of submersible three-phase asynchronous motor and sewage pump. Electric motor is connected with pump directly. There is reliable mechanic seal device between them, which can prevent exchanging of cooling liquid in motor cavity and pumped medium. So that pump can be reliable running for long time.
2. Electric motor winding is anti-water polyethylene electromagnetic wire with nylon sheath. Motor cavity or sealing cavity is filled of NO.10 machine oil or NO.25 transformer oil (when pump is placed by vertical, oil submerges the upper bearing will be ok.) Electric motor is adopted radial ball bearing, which is very easy to dismantle and maintain.
3. Pump is non-blocking model, so its passage ability of solid material and other impurity is very good.
4. There is cooling cover of motor casing, so motor can work above the water in some time; if pump structure is adopted built-in type, liquid will be discharged through electric motor, so electric motor can work above water for long time.
5. There is pop-off valve on the upper cover, which is to prevent motor cover burst because of too big pressure in motor cavity.
6. Small flow pump is centrifugal or spiral-flow type of structure, which is suitable for pumping ordinary sewage; big flow pump is double flow and non-clocking structure or mixed-flow structure, which is suitable for sewage circulation of coal washery, pumping slurry and river water irrigation, etc.