WQX (H type) Sewage Pump for Engineering

lift: 24~165 m
flow: 4~15 m³/h
power: 1.1~11 kw

Product overview:

WQX series of High head sewage pumps are new generation pump products developed by our company based on foreign advanced technology. The sewage pumps have the feature with winding prevent, high energy-saving effect, no plugging,automatic installation and automatic control, etc feature. The sewage pumps have the unique effect for discharging waste material of solid particle and long staple.
The sewage pump adopts unique impeller structure and new type mechanical seal, so pump can discharge waste of solid particle and long staple with high efficiency. Compared to traditional impeller, sewage pump impeller adopts single channel or double channel, which is similar to one curve with same size of section, so it has the very good overflowing effect. In addition, pump has the volute device matched with impeller structure, which will make the pump run stably.

Product Feature:

1. Pump adopts single or double impeller, which can improve ability of discharging dirt material.
2.Pump has advantage of compact structure, small volume, convenient moving and installing. User does not need to build pump house. And it can help user save much cost of project.
3.We can provide automatic safeguard controlled cabinet according to customers’ detailed requirement. The safeguard controlled cabinet can control the water leaking, electric leaking, and overload and overheat of pump, so that it can ensure the pump to run safely.
4.Float switch can control the running and stopping of pump automatically according to required and accuracy variation of water level. Thus it will not need special worker to attend to it.
5.If needed, pump can be adopted water-jacket type outer circulation cooling system, which can ensure pump to be installed and run under the condition of no water (dry model).
6.There are two kinds of installation method, one is stable and automatic coupling installation and another is movable and freedom installation, which can satisfy different usage occasions.

Range of application:

This series of pumps are used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, pharmacy industry, mining industry, papermaking industry, cement plant, steel plant, generating station, coal processing industry, municipal sewage treatment, municipal engineering project and construction site, etc.
This series of pumps are for conveying sewage with solid particle material. In addition, they can be for pumping clean water or corrosive medium.